With over 20 years of experience in Real Estate that includes being a top-producing Realtor, Broker, and Attorney, Matt's unique experience allows him to offer clients expertise and a suite of services that they cannot get with other Brokers.  From representing clients in the purchase and sale of Real Estate through his Luxury Brokerage division, to providing Asset Protection and Estate Planning guidance as an Attorney through his Legal division, Matt assists clients with every aspect of their portfolios.  In addition, his Client Concierge division sets up dinner reservations for clients at Miami's top restaurants.

In 2023, Matt teamed up with Ryan Serhant, New York's top Real Estate Broker and Star of Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing," to become the Founding Member of SERHANT. Miami where Matt and Ryan work with clients from all over the world who are buying, selling, and leasing Real Estate.  Matt’s clients are local and global, and include celebrities, athletes, CEO’s, professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Throughout his career, Matt has brokered countless transactions as a Real Estate Agent, closed transactions as an Attorney, and has even been retained by Banks and Attorneys as an Expert in Real Estate.  He also holds the prestigious Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree in Real Estate from the University of Miami School of Law.

Matt's passion for Real Estate began as a child.  The Son of a Developer, his family owned and operated a Real Estate Development company that built, sold, and managed projects along the East Coast for over 25 years.  He learned from a young age what it takes to sell major projects, and close deals. He began his own Real Estate career two decades ago by becoming the #1 Top-Producer for a major brokerage, then built and managed the #2 producing team across multiple states in just his first 2 years.  He has been a consistent top-producer in Miami for years and his South Florida team is growing.
Matt first came to Miami in 2009 to pursue his LL.M. in Real Estate at The University of Miami School of Law and fell in love with the City’s vibrant cultural scene and tropical climate.
Matt leads an active lifestyle that includes running, weight-training, organizing and attending social events, and is very active in his Church. He speaks conversational Spanish, and is nearly fluent.  In his spare time, he enjoys theater, yachting, and traveling internationally.

Matt Around Town

He doesn’t just help you find a place to live, he helps you live the Miami Lifestyle, too. Through his Client Concierge Service, Matt’s clients dine at Miami’s best restaurants, and enjoy many other South Florida Lifestyle benefits, like Yacht Charters on-demand.

Matt's Clients Say

Matt provides professional grade representation, around the clock, that his clients cannot get anywhere else.

“I had been trying to purchase a Luxury Condo in Miami, with no luck.  I found Matt through social media, and immediately knew he was the go-to guy in Miami.  After meeting and discussing my needs, Matt found me an even better Luxury Property than what I’d ever expected I could get, a Penthouse Apartment right on Biscayne Bay with views to South Beach!  Despite dealing with an International Seller who did not speak English and did not understand U.S. tax laws, Matt was able to get the deal closed successfully, and on time, with no issues.

When I decided to purchase a second Luxury Property in Miami, of course I called Matt, again.  Despite there being no inventory in the building where I wanted to buy, Matt found a choice apartment, right on the water, off-market, and he negotiated a below-market price, and we closed on time.  He knows what he’s doing, and he does it very well.  I would not work with any other Miami Real Estate Agent.”

Private Client
Virginia (U.S.)

“I’m a Partner in one of the largest property management companies in Miami, and am in charge of new property acquisitions for our company.  Working with the right Real Estate Agent is critical for us to find the right Luxury Properties that meet our criteria, as our business relies on having the right Luxury Properties in our portfolio.  I met Matt several years ago, and over the years he has helped our company locate and acquire several Luxury Properties in Miami, including luxury purchases and leases.  We have worked through Matt to build our Luxury Real Estate portfolio exponentially.  He has consistently been able to help us beat out competing Buyers, secure the best properties for the best terms, and get them closed, and he’s not afraid to step in and take on a tough deal.  He knows how to get things done.”

Amine B.
Miami, FL

“I live in Istanbul, Turkey and have always dreamed of owning a waterfront condo in Miami.  I had no idea who to contact, or how to go about things.  My local Attorney in Miami said Matt represented her in a Real Estate transaction and recommended him, so I met with him.  I was nervous because I am not a U.S. Citizen, but Matt assured me he would help me secure the right property.  He arranged for a private meeting with his preferred Lender, and Closing Attorney, to make me feel comfortable, and 60 days later, we closed on a gorgeous Luxury Condo overlooking Biscayne Bay, and I could not be happier.  Amazingly, Matt even convinced the Seller’s Broker to accept our deal, over a cash deal (even though I required financing).  Matt is not only very talented, but also very helpful.  He cares about his clients and goes the extra mile to make them feel comfortable.  He does whatever it takes.”

Mehmet B.
Istanbul, Turkey

“I live in Mexico, and owned a Luxury Condo in Miami’s Coconut Grove, where I took my family for vacations.  I was in the process of starting a new business, and decided it was best to sell my condo.  I contacted Matt and told him the number I was hoping to get, and he assured me he could get it.  He took the assignment, and showed the property to several prospects.  He found a Cash Buyer from New York who wanted the property for less than what I’d hoped to get.  After multiple phone calls and emails, Matt was able to get the Buyer up to my full asking-price.  At closing, the attorney discovered a large construction lien against the HOA and the Buyer’s title insurance company did not want to provide title insurance for closing.  Amazingly, Matt was able to negotiate a strategy for closing with the Buyer and HOA, and we got the deal closed, for a record-price.  I was very impressed with his negotiation skills and ability to keep calm and close the deal.  I highly recommend him.”

A. Diaz
Mexico City, Mexico

“I contacted Matt to help me sell my Luxury Condo in Miami.  In just one week, he was able to find an off-market Buyer for a record-price, and he handled everything from contract to closing, taking all the stress off my plate.  Just before closing, we ran into a problem where the Buyer’s Lender resigned from the bank, and the Buyer took off for a 3-month vacation overseas, causing a lot of problems.  Matt connected directly with the Underwriter, picked up the pieces, and arranged for the Buyer to complete his closing documents electronically, on a laptop thousands of miles away, and found a way to get the deal closed without further delay.  I still have no idea how he did this, but I was very impressed with the effort and execution.  I highly recommend him!”

Russell M.
Charleston, SC

“I am an Attorney in Miami.  I do not speak much English and had never bought any Real Estate in Miami.  However, I had always wanted to have a Luxury Apartment on the water in Brickell.  I met Matt around Brickell.  He took the time to speak with me and help me, even though I did not speak much English.  He helped me to set up a bank account in Miami, and even introduced me to a property management company who could rent my property for me, when I was not using it.  He contacted me early one morning to let me know about a Luxury Condo that had just come onto the market in the building I wanted to be in.  There were several people trying to acquire it, but Matt was able to speak to the Seller’s Agent and get it for me, well below asking price!  He even helped me to furnish it after closing!  I am so grateful to have found him, and would not work with any other Real Estate Agent.”

Miami, FL

“I wanted to lease a Luxury Apartment on the oceanfront in Miami Beach at the well-known Setai building, an Ultra Luxury level property that is hard to get into.  Nothing was available for the terms I wanted.  I contacted Matt and we had a meeting.  Within a few weeks, he had found exactly what I wanted off-market, did the paperwork for me directly with the owner, and I got the perfect apartment overlooking the ocean at the Setai for well below market-value.  And when the Owner wanted a large increase upon renewal, Matt stepped in and negotiated much better terms for me, and I renewed!  Since then, I have worked with Matt to purchase multiple Luxury Properties in Miami.”

Miami, FL